'Thor: Love and Thunder' will not be the only one to reinvent Zeus: This will be the new mythological Netflix series


 Thor: Love and Thunder features Russell Crowe playing Zeus in the Marvel Cinematic Universe among its cast, but it won't be the only reinvention of the Greek God we'll see on screen soon.

Kaos Release date 2023 Series : Kaos With Aurora Perrineau, Hugh Grant, Janet McTeer, Cliff Curtis, David Thewlis Users 2,9 According to Deadline, Hugh Grant will play Zeus in Kaos, the Netflix series created by Charlie Covell, screenwriter of shows like The End of the Fucking World and Humans. This new take on the Greek gods will be a contemporary and darkly comedic take on love, power and life in the underworld.

Grant will thus play a Zeus who has long been enjoying his status as King of the Gods. Him until one day he wakes up and discovers a wrinkle on his forehead. He then begins to get overwhelmed and with each passing day he convinces himself that his downfall is coming and he begins to see signs of it everywhere.

But the British actor has not been the only one to join Kaos. Aurora Perrineau will be the deadly Riddy; Janet McTeer will play Hera; Cliff Curtis is Poseidon, David Thewlis will play Hades; Nabhaan Rizwan is Dionysus and Killian Scott will play Orpheus.

From left to right: Hugh Grant (Zeus), Janet McTeer (Hera), David Thewlis (Hades), and Cliff Curtis (Poseidon)

As for the god of the underworld (Thewlis), he is secretly losing control of his dark domain where there is an accumulation of the dead waiting to be processed and they are increasingly restless. On the other hand, the Queen of the Gods, Hera (McTeer), reigns over the Earth and over Zeus in her own unique way. But her power and freedom are threatened by Zeus's growing paranoia and she is forced to act.

All this while Zeus' rebellious son Dionysus (Rizwan) finds himself spiraling out of control and on a cosmic collision course with his father. On Earth, people yearn for change. Quite the contrary to what Poseidon (Curtis) thinks, that he is more concerned about the size of his yacht than about the welfare of mere mortals.

Unfortunately for the gods, some of those mortals are beginning to realize this: Riddy, Orpheus, Caneus, and Ari come from different walks of life and are cosmically connected in the battle against Zeus. They each have a very different role to play and any one of them may be destined to bring down the God.

The first season of Kaos has eight episodes where Billie Piper and Rakie Ayola, among others, will also participate. Its premiere is expected to be sometime in 2023.

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