Season 3 of 'The Boys' has been fierce and has taken its protagonists to the extreme but in the end I don't feel that they have really broken anything


 This Friday, July 8, the end of the third season of 'The Boys' arrived on Amazon, a long-awaited chapter after the tremendous cliffhanger that 'A candle to accompany you to bed' left us. I have already been able to see it and was not at all disappointed with the result, and that in the end it has ended up serving mainly to reaffirm the status quo of the series instead of making any essential progress for it.

'The Boys' has always played with extremes, poking fun at superheroes and real-life events without any mercy. That is something that has been gaining weight as the episodes and seasons have passed, thus helping its satire to expand beyond what it initially promised. In return, perhaps he did lack more noses when handling his characters.

Let's keep in mind that the end of the second season of 'The Boys' already left everything in a rather extreme situation that seemed doomed to explode in the third. And I'm not saying that strong emotions have been lacking, especially in 'Herogasm', or that some characters have evolved in a more or less clear way -there I think that nobody surpasses that apparent journey to the redemption of A-Train-, but in the end it really vital is left in a similar situation.

What this third installment of the Amazon series has done very well has been taking its characters to the extreme. For some there may still be time to put the brakes on before things get out of control, but with others it is becoming increasingly clear that they are doomed to be two sides of the same. I'm talking, obviously, about Patriot and Butcher.

From that curious alliance they seemed to forge, the characters played by Antony Starr and Karl Urban embarked on two different journeys. The first initially to clean up his image and then simply to impose himself as a leader with a clear fascist vocation willing to do anything to be respected and who at the moment of truth is increasingly alone.

Throughout the eighth episode there is more than one moment pointing in that direction, but there is still that last brake so that everything explodes into the air. The same thing happens with Carnicero, who has increasingly shown that he is capable of anything to try to finish off Patriota. Plus, those superhero moments could end up costing you dearly. But, like Patriota, there is something that prevents everything that is not his objective from giving him the same.

All this is illustrated again in a generous season finale in violence, but without this becoming the only reason for it and always knowing how to combine fun, emotion and spectacle as the series has accustomed us. There is even a moment that I was waiting for to happen since the middle of the first season, a pity that it does not reach a definitive resolution.

It is in the latter where it leaves a slight bittersweet taste. Obviously, there will be a fourth installment and it remains to be seen if there are more, but the third seemed headed towards a great climax that has not been finalized. What has been achieved is an even greater radicalization of positions but without making big moves.

Season 3 of 'The Boys' is a demonstration of how good a series it is. His cocktail in today's audiovisual superhero world remains unique, but it's coming at a time when there have to be irreversible repercussions beyond the death of some supporting character. For now that does not leave a small stone in the shoe, but be careful.

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