Nicole Kidman stars in this fantastic intimate drama from the director of 'Under the skin' that you can see on HBO Max


 Two years ago, 'Under the skin', a gem of science fiction cinema directed by Jonathan Glazer, arrived on the billboard and had arrived seven years late (the film is from 2013) in our country. What is probably his masterpiece revealed to us its director who has garnered a short but very interesting filmography. 'Reincarnation' is proof of this and you can see it on HBO Max.

The story is about Anna (Nicole Kidman), a woman who decides to remarry 10 years after the death of her husband Sean. Suddenly, a mysterious boy (Cameron Bright), claiming to be the reincarnation of Sean, shows up at her house asking her not to get married.

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Glazer anticipates from the beginning the main theme of reincarnation, while keeping the viewer intrigued as to whether what has been exposed so clearly to us in that first scene will actually happen. The unusual and disturbing starting point serves to attract our attention but hides much more.

The story reflects on mourning, living clinging to the loss and the memory of another person, the impossibility at times of differentiating whether the love that is felt is towards the real person or towards the idealized evocation that our mind makes of it.

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This argument could easily fall into melodrama but Glazer's direction manages to carry it out without overloading the inks. The director shows us the story soberly, without fear of putting up with the shot to convey greater truthfulness and with a more than outstanding direction of actors.

However, what has just rounded off the set is precisely Nicole Kidman. The actress is immense in her role as Anna and manages to convey with her gaze the heavy burden of the character, her doubts, her internal struggle and, ultimately, everything that manages to make you empathize with her.

The rest of the cast is somewhat more secondary, highlighting names such as Danny Huston, Lauren Bacall, Peter Stormare and, of course, the great work of a very young Cameron Bright (an actor who has not had great film roles since), who manages to convincing ourselves of being that deceased husband trapped in the body of a child.

'Reincarnation' is an intimate drama about mourning, death and love that rises thanks to the sober direction of Jonathan Glazer and the wonderful work of Nicole Kidman, who manage to plunge us into the dilemma of: do we love people because of what they really were or because of how we think we remember them? The tape lasts an hour and a half and you can keep an eye on HBO Max.

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