Natalie Portman split with Marvel in 2013, but she's back with 'Thor: Love and Thunder' for good reason


 Natalie Portman premiered Thor: The Dark World in 2013 and left Marvel without looking back. She didn't appear in Thor: Ragnarok -although there is a tiny mention that her relationship with the God of Thunder didn't go well- and she wouldn't have appeared in Thor: Love and Thunder either if it wasn't for the director's power of conviction, Taika Waititi. He knew there was a great story to be told about Jane Foster, and when she put her mind to it, Ella Portman returned to the screen's most famous cinematic universe.

During her speech at the press conference for the fourth installment of Thor, Love and Thunder, the actress explained how she has changed her vision of the world of superheroes over the years. She no longer has anything to do with the movies that she used to do the first times she played Jane Foster and she confesses that she saw what she was offered to appear in the new installment of the UCM as a great opportunity.

It was an opportunity, first, to explore in an incredible way a female superhero who can be vulnerable and fragile and find strength in that, to be more of a human that I can connect with. Then also, I think it gave me a renewed respect for what Chris [Hemsworth] has done throughout this decade.

Portman has never publicly spoken ill of Marvel, but in 2011 The Hollywood Reporter published the differences that had arisen between the actress and the studio. When she signed on to appear in the Thor sequel, The Dark World, she did so because Patty Jenkins was the director and she wanted to push the female vision in the genre - it was going to be the first superhero movie directed by a woman. Following Jenkins's departure from the project, Portman was disappointed, and as she was contemplating leaving acting temporarily to take care of her family, she believed it was the perfect time for her.

Why Natalie Portman left Marvel and what she did until she returned with 'Thor: Love and Thunder' Years later, Taika Waititi came to Marvel. He knew very well what he wanted to do and for that he needed Jane Foster. "Are you interested in coming back but doing something completely different?" he asked the actress. Some of what he presented to him would please Portman, which we will be able to see on the big screen starting on July 8 with the premiere of Thor: Love and Thunder.

Natalie Portman as the new Thor? In Thor: Love and Thunder, the protagonist of Annihilation dons the costume of Mighty Thor and takes command of Mjölnir. A unique moment for the audience and also for her, who experienced it as something surreal. "It was wild [putting on the Thor suit], after seeing Chris wear it for so many years and then trying the version on myself. Putting on the bracers, boots and everything was pretty surreal the first time," she says.

Thor: Love And Thunder Directed by Taika Waititi With Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Christian Bale, Tessa Thompson, Chris Pratt Release date July 8, 2022 To bring to life the heroine of the studio's new film, Natalie Portman has brought undergo intense training. Like her classmates, she has taken up weightlifting to take on the presence that only people with superpowers have. This has led him to admire much more what Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson, Valkyrie, do in the film. "I see all the work that goes into it and I don't think I was aware when I was the girl in the first installment. I didn't see everything that was going on behind the scenes. Now I've gotten into the choreography, the training and all that. It's three times as much work as I did before", he assures at the press conference.

All set, therefore, for Natalie Portman's big-door return to the MCU as Jane Foster, now also known as Mighty Thor, in Thor: Love and Thunder. In theaters July 8.

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