“Minions 2”: why did a TikTok trend become a movie problem?


 With the recent release of the movie “Minions 2: A Villain Is Born,” it became known in movie theaters around the world that a recent viral trend on TikTok might be causing some trouble in movie theaters.

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“Minions 2: a villain is born”, is part of the prequels of the film released in 2010, “Despicable me” and that over the years has become one of the most representative films for children, young people and Adults.

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"Despicable Me" (2010), "Gru: Despicable Me 2" (2013), "The Minions" (2015), "My Favorite Villain 3" (2017) and this new and recent installment of "Minions 2" (2022) have been part of the most anticipated films of Universal Pictures for the world.

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However, and in the midst of its release, this film was also the subject of a viral challenge on TikTok that caused some movie theaters to make radical decisions about admission to see the film.

Since its US release, the second Minions movie has caused some big surprises as it tops the list in box office sales.

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According to the firm Exhibitor Relations, this film has raised 108.5 million dollars and was expected to reach 127.9 million at the end of the weekend, after the July 4 holiday.

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Some media claim that this second prequel surpasses even movies with "Lightyear" and "Charm".

After the premiere of the film, a new trend began on the TikTok social network, which is known for its funny and viral videos that involve millions of people. This time, the joke called #gentleminions was the one that starred on the screens of Internet users these days.

Millennials are known to cringe at Minions and associate them with Facebook memes.

But Gen-Z, who grew up with the movie and have a different sense of humor, love them and go to see the new movie in fancy suits - #GentleMinions


#Gentleminions is a joke towards events that 'are of little importance' and that young people take advantage of to go in a very elegant way to premieres in movie theaters or to functions themselves, to represent through their clothing that they do It is a very important event.

In the midst of the arrival of these groups of boys, who approach theaters in the United States and the United Kingdom quite well dressed, there have been known cases of improper behavior within the theaters where these young people result in bothering the organizers of the theaters. and generating too much noise during specific scenes of the film during its projection.

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Some movie theaters even chose to deny entry to 'young people dressed in formal attire' in order to curb this behavior in theaters.

Theaters are starting to ban #GentleMinions groups from entering due to 'recent disturbances'#Minions2 pic.twitter.com/KK7v46pJvN

"Due to the recent riots following the #gentleminions trend, any group of guests in formal attire will be denied entry to performances of Minions: The Rise of Gru." It was read on one of the posters, it was from the rooms.

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Remember that to see all the movies of this animated saga, you can do it and enjoy it with the best of technology on your side.

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