Gohan's new voice! Here the epic trailer (dubbed) of 'Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero'


After a long wait, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is practically ready to hit theaters in Latin America. And best of all, fans can rest assured that the region's dub is in safe hands.

In that sense, did you doubt who would be in charge of giving Gohan a voice? Well hold on because Luis Manuel Ávila (the mere Junior P. Luche) is more than confirmed as the character's dubbing actor on this occasion.

We have the first dubbed trailer for 'Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero'

The Dragon Ball franchise is expanding and it is nothing to bring us a new movie, this time set in the Super saga. Of course, this new film has been exciting us since the details were released in mid-2021... especially for this side of the world where dubbing into Latin Spanish is one of the things that gets the most attention.

After the death of the remembered Luis Alfonso Mendoza in March 2020, the question remained of who would be the one to give voice to Gohan in the adult version of him. And well, after much waiting, doubts, rumors and mystery, it's official: Luis Manuel Ávila will take on the character, at least on this occasion.

This is confirmed by the new trailer that Crunchyroll shared this Monday, July 11, the first to be shown with the Latin dub. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will show us a story in which our favorite warriors face one of the threats that was thought to have disappeared since the first anime: the Red Patrol (or the Red Ribbon for that matter).

Although Goku had destroyed the organization several years ago, it seems that some sinister individuals have decided to give it another life. And not only that, because this new incarnation of the Red Patrol will continue the legacy by bringing two new androids into action: Gamma 1 and Gamma 2, who proclaim themselves 'superheroes'.

In this new advance we are shown that Gohan and Pícoro will have a special role in the film, where there is even a reference to how the namek warrior has been a teacher for Goku's son. The film will hit theaters in Latin America on August 18. Here below we leave the trailer.

Who else gets on dubbing?

Of course, the great novelty in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is Luis Manuel Ávila as Gohan in the Latin American dubbing. But the cast also brings us several old acquaintances from the franchise.

Mario Castañeda returns as Goku, René García as Vegeta, Eduardo Garza as Krillin, Carlos Segundo as Pícoro, Rocío Garcel as Bulma, Víctor Ugarte as Goten, Sergio Bonilla as Trunks, Carola Vázquez as Videl, Circe Luna as Pan… anyway, they return many voice actors and actresses of the classic guard of this anime.

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