David Harbor has lost 35 kilos for 'Stranger Things 4' and does not plan to repeat it


 If you, too, noticed Hopper visibly thinner in Stranger Things season 4, it wasn't your imagination. David Harbour, the actor who plays the sheriff of Hawkins, lost 35kg to bring the character to life in the fourth installment of the Netflix series. Since he is incarcerated in a prison in the Soviet Union, his appearance could not be as healthy and strong as he was before, so he tried hard to lower his physical form.

I lost 35kg after the third season. He was at 122kg and when we shot season 4 he weighed 86", he confessed in an interview with GQ UK

To get the look of a prisoner who only eats porridge, Harbor turned to intermittent fasting and pilates. With this plan he managed to lose 35kg in just eight months. It is a feat that, as he himself assures in the interview, he does not want to repeat in life. "I don't think I'll ever do that again. I have a Santa Claus movie for Universal coming out in December and I've got it all back. But yeah, never again. Prosthetics are pretty cool."

On the left, David Harbor in season 3 of 'Stranger Things'. To the right, in the fourth.

David Harbor doesn't reach the level of Christian Bale, but he's not a novice when it comes to physical transformations either. He already underwent a radical physical change for his role in Hellboy (2019), which forced him to be a very fit red demon. The first image of Neil Marshall's tape caused many comments on social networks and his personal trainer, Don Saladino, had to confess what he had done with the actor. The funny thing is that he barely lost a kilo of weight, but, of course, his body was totally transformed.

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A circuit of carrying weight -a lot of weight-, a careful diet and great perseverance led the actor to define his muscles in a spectacular way. "We got a call from the production company and they said they were a little upset because he was losing too much weight. It's not like that. He was 250lbs and he's 250lbs now. He hasn't lost anything but they said he's changed so much they're going to have to redo the suit," Saladino tells TMZ, adding that he called Harbor to tell him to get some ice cream.

The appearance that is seen in the promotional image of Hellboy, the one that generated all kinds of reactions in networks, is the result of prosthetics and touch-ups, but the actor really gave everything to get in shape and feel that he could handle everything he wanted. face the devil. "Those abs, those shoulders, those arms... That's not him, it was the prosthetic suit," Saladino said before adding that what Harbor developed was the "ferocity" of Hellboy. "He wanted to build mostly power and strength," Harbor said in an Instagram video, "so you think when [Hellboy] hits you, he hits you like a truck."

For Stranger Things, he went the other way, but still had the strength to take down a demogorgon while wielding a sword. His role in the fourth installment of Stranger Things was limited to the Russian prison, but there was also time to reconcile with Joyce (Winona Ryder) and star in a relationship that sparks.

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