Apple CarPlay will expand its limits, it will soon reach the instrument panel and even the third screens


 Applications that allow us to safely project certain applications from our phone directly onto the screen of our car have become an essential element in the lives of many drivers. Apple's interpretation, the Apple CarPlay for the iPhone has just announced a major update, which not only affects the way it looks, but also how far it goes, because now it can be adapted in addition to the central screens, to the pictures of digital instruments and screens for copilots.

This update was revealed during the Worldwide Developers Conference 2022 (WWDC) that was held a few hours ago. Apple emphasized that this new generation of CarPlay will be compatible with the most advanced infotainment systems. At Apple they did not give a list of current or future models compatible with these new functions, they only limited themselves to saying that in the last months of 2023, the automotive brands will announce which of their future models will be able to work with these new functions. The rest of the old models will continue to use an updated interface, but it can only be seen on the central screen as before.

Part of the improvements in this update is the fact that CarPlay will even allow you to view navigation from Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze or some other navigation apps directly on the digital instrument cluster. Similarly, CarPlay will be able to customize the same instrument panel with different elements that we choose, such as weather widgets, music applications and more.

The effect of this new CarPlay will also modify how we see elements such as the speedometer, car temperature and even fuel levels, all with Apple iconography. As we mentioned, there is still no confirmed release date for this Apple CarPlay update, everything points to a full launch sometime in 2023.

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