What happened to Malena Alterio after 'There is no one alive here': "I no longer feel Bethlehem"


 Since making her film debut in 2001 with the film El palo, where she would share the screen with three great actresses such as Adriana Ozores, Carmen Maura and Maribel Verdú, Malena Alterio has not stopped working. She has been part of the collective of television history with the character of Belén in Here there is no one who lives until starring in Mama no enRedes, where she plays a single mother who is trying her luck in dating applications.

Cinema, theater and television. The actress has tried all the sticks of interpretation and continues to feel that voracious hunger for each project she takes on: "I hope I don't lose that desire. If one day I become an automaton I hope to realize it, retire and dedicate myself to planting trees", acknowledges the artist to SensaCine between laughs.

A promising beginning With a very powerful artistic heritage, daughter, niece and sister of actors, the actress admits that in her beginnings the weight of her last name "scared me", but now she is very calm to see how the pieces of the puzzle have been fitting together and be where you are today. Despite her more than 20-year career, the actress assures that she does not stop learning every day.

The last shoot I was on I was like, 'My God. I have no idea how this is done. Why are you calling me?' And then when I see the result I say: 'Well yes, I have something'

Her role in El palo de ella made her be nominated for a Goya that same year and almost win the statuette for Best New Actress, however, it was not the time. But this did not make Alterio stop her efforts to make a career as an actress and two years later she would be part of one of the most famous series in television history: No one lives here.

From 2003 to 2006, and during five seasons of intense filming, the actress gave life to Belén López Vázquez, a neighbor of 3ºB who shared a flat with Alicia Sanz Peña, played by Laura Pamplona. The series became a milestone, with an audience of almost nine million viewers and being an absolute rival for the rest of the series at the time. In 2004 it became the most watched fiction and even surpassed Los Serrano, from Telecinco, another mythical title.

Being part of the collective memory again as 'Aquí no hay hay vive' did would be very complicated

Almost 20 years have passed since the series debuted on the small screen and the name of Belén still haunts the actress wherever she goes. I've been talking and listening to Belén for a long time, and I'm very happy, but I also feel distant from that character. I am no longer Bethlehem. I feel that I salute in the name of Belén but I am no longer her," says Alterio. Despite this, the actress remembers those moments and the immense reception from the public with "great gratitude".

After the end of Here there is no one who lives on Antena 3, she was one of the tenants of the neighborhood who moved to La que se avecina, in her case she only stayed one season giving life to Cristina. She later starred in the drama A word of yours, in which for the first time she carried much of the weight of the plot.

On television, she has been accompanied by great titles such as Vergüenza or Las Señoras del (h) AMPA, of which she has great memories despite being one of the "most demanding" shoots that she has ever experienced. After the pandemic, the actress acknowledges that her agenda is no longer written with a pen but with a pencil: "The projects are moving very quickly. Before stopping a shoot was unthinkable, now nothing is written."

So far this year, Alterio has released Mirror, mirror, Tuscany and now, next Friday, July 1, Mama no enRedes. Although it seems that her place is currently in the cinema, the actress has not forgotten the theater, and currently she is also immersed in the play Los que Hablan, which will be in theaters in the neighborhood until July 6.

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