Top Gun Maverick is Tom Cruise's highest-grossing movie


 Home Entertainment Top Gun Maverick is Tom Cruise's highest grossing movie The action movie that has been released on the big screen for 4 weeks, is already the highest grossing of actor Tom Cruise

By: Marcela June 20, 2022

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The movie Top Gun Maverick had its premiere in Mexico about four weeks ago, and without a doubt it was a success.

Well, although it competes against Jurassic World, it has managed to have very good numbers, and is even said to be Tom Cruise's highest-grossing film.

Because in just a few weeks it has managed to raise more than 800 million dollars in North America alone, and it is expected that in the coming weeks it can reach a higher amount.

Movie fans have commented that they arrive with too high expectations for the film and at no time does it disappoint them, since the entire action-packed plot manages to catch movie fans from the first moment.

On the other hand Cruise commented through an interview the gratitude he feels towards his fans for the love they are giving to the film, in addition to confessing that it has been one of his favorite recordings because he comments feeling a great love towards the planes.

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