'The Umbrella Academy': What the big reveal of season 3 means and how it affects the future of the series


 Season 3 of The Umbrella Academy has hit the Netflix catalog like a real hurricane. The new installment of the successful series based on Gerard Way's comics has quickly snatched the first place from Stranger Things and Peaky Blinders and has established itself as the best premiere of the final stretch of June even above the expected new version of The Paper House, The Paper House: Korea. After almost two years of waiting, fans were dying to find out what would come after the protagonists had returned from a very eventful trip only to find that they had created a new reality in which their father had formed another academy that nothing it had to do with them: the Sparrows.

However, the entry into play of this new group of characters is not the only main axis of the 10 episodes that make up the new installment of the series, far from it, since, as expected, a new apocalypse is looming and the The original Hargreeves have a complex mission ahead of them if they want to stop the world from ending.

The Umbrella Academy Release date February 15, 2019 | 60 minutes Series : The Umbrella Academy With Elliot Page, Elliot Page, Aidan Gallagher, Tom Hopper, David Castañeda Users 4,2 Streaming As fresh and fun as ever, the outcome of season 3 of The Umbrella Academy makes it as necessary as its two installments earlier than Netflix to step up and order one more season, something that we assume will happen quickly. However, some rumors are beginning to circulate that it could be the last one and it will also be a challenge for the writers to explore new territories, having reached the point of the original material published to date.

If you've already seen The Umbrella Academy in its entirety (and if not, we're warning you that important plot details are coming below), you'll already know that the Hargreeves have lost their powers by failing to stop the universe from rebooting. Of course, that leaves them in a very complex situation in the face of a new apocalypse, but it has been the great revelation of the season that promises to have a really important effect on the future of the plots.

'The Umbrella Academy': Why did Five create the Commission? One of the great plot twists in the season of The Umbrella Academy has been the revelation of who founded the Commission in charge of preserving the natural flow of the timeline, the main scourge of the protagonists in season 1 and a really key piece in the history. After falling short under the leadership of Herb (Ken Hall) and being reduced to rubble, Five (Aidan Gallagher) and Lila made an important discovery: It was Number Five himself, who had spent decades working for her and hating every minute of it. of its existence until he found a way to return home, who founded the organization.

When and why did he create the Commission and how does this twist change the past and future of The Umbrella Academy? The main issue to consider before answering these questions is which version of Five has been responsible for founding the Commission. A detail that is theorized in a really interesting way on the Screenrant website, where they consider that it is possible that 1) the Five who carried out the creation of the organization comes from a timeline in which the reboot failed: The Umbrella and the Sparrows went into Oblivion and Five lost his arm, but Allison never pushed the button.

Everything we know about The Umbrella Academy season 4: will it be the final season of the hit Netflix series? That would explain why the founder they find has the tattoo that Five gets in season 3 and also a single arm despite the fact that, after the reboot of Allison and Reginald, the young man had recovered the amputated limb from him.

Likewise, as they theorize in the aforementioned publication, the creation of the Commission could have been 2) a desperate attempt by Five to stop the kugelblitz before the apocalypse of season 3 happens, that is, before it became a real threat for the world. That would be the reason behind the recruitment of its members in the timeline before 2019 and also the warning of the Five Founders not to "save the world".

Another possible explanation for Five creating the Commission is 3) simply that it is his destiny: just like the only reason he gets the tattoo is because he saw it, now that Five knows he is the founder of the Commission , maybe it just closes that loop just because it knows it should happen.

How does the big reveal affect the past and future of 'The Umbrella Academy'? Knowing that it was one of them, Five, who founded the Commission makes the way of seeing the previous seasons of The Umbrella Academy change: it is no longer a coincidence that Five was recruited, but that he probably leftor himself, and also makes you think about what his goal was in trying to ensure that the apocalypse caused by Viktor Hargreeves (Elliot Page) was successful. Perhaps sacrifice the Earth and avoid universal destruction as a result of the kugelblitz? Or did he just know it was going to go wrong and just needed to get the Hargreeves to go back to 1963 and have everything go according to plan? Similarly, we can assume that the actions of the Commission in the second installment were simply necessary evils to make history evolve in their favor.

There are a lot of questions on the table, but knowing that Five was behind each and every time the Commission was trying to take down his Umbrella Academy brethren certainly changes everything heading into season 4: Did he know? that his family would survive or was he trying to kill them to prevent the kugelblitz?

The reason for the elder Five behind his warning to the present Five not to save the world is unclear, but perhaps he just knows that he can only end up making things worse. However, although the young man tried to ignore him and stay out of it, in the end he ends up being part of the final confrontation. Now, the possible season 4 should shed light on this warning, which will undoubtedly play an important role and adds to the many mysteries to be discovered.




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