The moving video with which Thalía said goodbye to Eva Mange after her death: "There is no more pain"


 During the night of June 24, it was announced that Eva Mange, grandmother of Thalía and Laura Zapata, died at the age of 104. Thus, although the two granddaughters confirmed the news through their social networks, it was not until dawn this Saturday that the singer of Equivocada posted a touching video of her grandmother and added a sweet farewell message for her.

It was from her Instagram account that Thalía posted an audiovisual with some photographs that go from the time when Eva Mange was young, until she reached old age. Likewise, clips from the past are observed where the actress of María Mercedes made a video call with her grandmother while she told her that she loved her and Mange gave her her blessing.

In another of the fragments shared by the singer of hits like I don't remember, who cares? and You did not teach me she can be seen with her grandmother while the two sing songs, including some verses from Bésame mucho.

Likewise, in one of the last images that make up the video, Eva Mange can be seen lying prostrate in her bed, while some stars were projected on the ceiling.

In this publication, Thalía did not hesitate to add a message in honor of her loved one and thanked her for all the years they were able to share together.

Similarly, Thalía sent blessings to her grandmother and, although she regretted her departure, she was calm that now Eva Mange will be at peace.

“Fly free into the arms of our Blessed Father. Your daughter will be waiting for you too! (She told me yesterday at dawn between dreams) You are now free precious soul, there is no more pain, there is no more grief, that body was left behind, now you just ARE! May God our Father keep you in his arms, Evita ours. Here we will celebrate your wonderful life my beautiful grandmother, and you will always be close to us. I love you Grandma. I love you so so so so much,” she wrote.

The reactions on the part of the Internet users did not take long to appear and several celebrities sent their condolences to the family of Doña Eva Mange.

"Rest in peace your grandmother, friend, I send you a big hug and strength, heart," wrote Larry Hernández; while Napoleon commented: "I send you a hug full of affection, blessings."

It should be remembered that it was Laura Zapata who announced the death of Eva Mange last Friday, who died after various health complications.

“My beloved grandmother Eva has already flown. Good trip back to the house of the Lord, I love you, and I celebrate your new life, ”the actress posted on her Twitter account.

On her part and, in the first instance, Thalía had limited herself to posting a story on her Instagram account and sharing the image that her sister had posted on social networks.

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