Spotify disappears once again songs by Julión Álvarez


 Spotify disappears once again songs by Julión Álvarez After having returned to the most used music platform, once again Julión Álvarez was banned from spotify [/H2]

By: Marcela June 16, 2022

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Just a few weeks ago he returned to the most used music streaming platform; spotify, the successes of Julión Álvarez, after having disappeared for years after being accused of collaborating with drug traffickers.

However, since yesterday, various fans have shared their complaints on Twitter about the disappearance of the singer's hits.

Well, without prior notice, once again Julión's musical hits were removed from the platform, it is estimated that it is just a mistake and in a few days they will reappear on the platform.

Since a few months ago his innocence was proven in the face of the link to which he had been blamed, as he was accused of being a front man for a famous drug trafficker from Culiacán Sinaloa.

So far the artist has not shared any message about this event through social networks, hopefully soon we can enjoy all these successes again.

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