'Lightyear': 5 reasons why you can't miss it at the movies


 "I wanted to do something fun and I thought it would be great to investigate the world of Buzz Lightyear and do a sci-fi adventure starring him." The phrase is from Angus MacLane, director of Lightyear, the new Disney and Pixar film that, in the form of a space adventure, reveals the film that Andy saw in 1995 to wish for the famous space guardian from Toy Story —the toy - for his birthday. A perfect plot for his solo debut, which has been available in theaters since last Friday, June 17.

Lightyear Release date June 17, 2022 | 1h 49min Directed by Angus MacLane Media 3.6 Users 2.6 Sensacine 4.0 Billboard and Ticket (356) Lightyear not only brings back —although in a different way— the beloved space toy. The animated film is full of moving moments within an energetic world unknown to the viewer. And there are even more features that make it a must for you to enjoy on the big screen. Here are five reasons why you can't miss Lightyear in theaters:

A visual marvel One of Lightyear's strengths is how powerful it is visually. The film takes advantage of every inch of the cinema screen to take us into the immensity of space and to make us feel hyperspeed with beautiful light and color effects. The images are impressive, pulsating with bright colors and there is a good work on the characters, who do not lack any detail.

Also worth mentioning is the spectacular soundtrack by Michael Giacchino, which complements the powerful visual effects and ranges from quiet and intimate moments to the most intense suspense.

A great sci-fi movie “It's one of the best sci-fi movies of recent years. A science fiction that has nothing to do with that shown in superhero movies or with the elevated science fiction of Christopher Nolan, Denis Villeneuve or Alex Garland, to name the heavyweights of the genre”, writes Alejandro G. Calvo in his review for SensaCine. Lightyear is much more than Toy Story. It is a tribute to those films of the genre that aroused in many the interest in outer space, aliens and spaceships.

Lightyear Review

But it is also adventure film. After an accidental mistake, Buzz tries to save his entire crew from a planet where there is no life. Thus, he will end up in a time travel blender that makes those around him follow his life while he is left… alone. But the protagonist will continue to cling to the past; to his mission: get everyone back to his house. Although soon it will be something that has to change.

The true meaning of “To infinity and beyond!” "To infinity and beyond!" It is one of the best-known phrases in the history of cinema. But it turns out that the mythical space guardian quote we met in Toy Story takes on a different meaning here. "In the beginning, with the time jumps, the phrase is more: 'We're going to continue into the future without worrying about what's happening,'" explains MacLane. But soon, Buzz must learn to live in the present and to be accompanied.

In this way, the protagonist will know what it is to have a 'family'. And this is when the iconic phrase transforms: past and future become present and family. "What we always wanted to do was: Buzz finds a family or Buzz decides to settle down and live a life as opposed to that 'To infinity and beyond' from the beginning," explains MacLane in statements to SensaCine.

4 keys that make 'Lightyear' the most anticipated animated film of this 2022 Retro-futuristic aesthetics Lightyear's design is a clear tribute to how the films of the 70s and 80s imagined the future: everything was very heavy and full of buttons and levers. And that was also MacLane's goal: to move away from the aesthetics of Toy Story and for the design to be a bit retro, with inspirations such as Star Wars —his “religion”—, other classic science fiction titles, the work of NASA and even the real world aerospace industry. "I wanted the film to feel tactile and alive with a lot of contrast like the French nouvelle vague."

“As a whole, the look of the film is a masterful mix of retro and futuristic styles. Throughout the movie, the switches, knobs, and buttons are all very tactile. All the edges are rounded to reproduce the feel Angus wanted,” continues producer Galyn Susman. In short, the aesthetic is a success that captivates all viewers, whether children or adults.

The Pixar style Finally, and of course, Lightyear is very Pixar. MacLane, who in addition to directing co-writes the screenplay for the film with Matthew Aldrich —from Coco (2017)— and Jason Headley —from Onward (2020)—, has been with the studio since the short film Geri's Game (1997) and has worked cWe are part of the animation department on practically every Pixar film. As a director, we have seen him in three shorts: BURN-E (2008), Big Little Buzz (2011) and Toy Story: Terror! (2013). And in the field of feature films, he was also the co-director of Finding Dory (2016) with Andrew Stanton.

"And he does it with the well-known Pixar style: a superlative finish of the images, a continuum of really hilarious humorous gags and a handful of endearing characters," Alejandro G. Calvo expands in his review. That is to say, we are facing the return in style of the studio to theaters.

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