"I made Thor more like Chris Hemsworth, actually. It's not acting." Taika Waititi ("Thor: Love and Thunder")


 When starting a press conference for the strongest premiere of the month, nobody expects it to end with a duel of beatbox between the director and the main actor. But when the movie is 'Thor: love and thunder' and the two of them are Taika Waititi and Chris Hemsworth, anything is possible. In addition, Natalie Portman, Tessa Thompson, Kevin Feige and a somewhat lost Christian Bale were also present in this massive junket. Let's see what they told us.

In the first place, it is Chris Hemsworth who tells us what he likes most about playing Thor today: "I feel close to Thor, especially since Taika came in and made him more adolescent, young and immature. I see him more new and fresh. These kinds of movies have to be fun and that's what we're doing," he says, before acknowledging that he's more like the character in his festive "What If" episode. than the one we see on the big screen.

A large part of the press conference revolves around the changes that Taika introduced in the character, something that Kevin Feige believes was a logical evolution seeing the actor's comedic side, and the solution to one of the enigmas that they planned on all the phases 1 and 2: he is a god, how do we make people identify with him?

Taika Waititi has a similar take: "I've become friends with Chris because his personality is one I'd go on an adventure with, you can trust he'll be there. I just exaggerated his qualities and made Thor more Chris, really. It's not acting", something to which Hemsworth responds "It's a documentary, actually".

Natalie Portman, who in this new installment gets into the Thor costume and carries Mjolnir in her hand, tells how excited she was to put on the superheroine costume on her return after saying that the doors of Marvel were closed almost a year ago decade: "It was crazy to put on the suit after seeing Chris wearing it for so many years, it was surreal the first time."

It is Hemsworth himself who indicates that Natalie "killed it in the gym", to which she replies "I just have a renewed respect for what Chris has been doing for a decade because I didn't see all the work behind it. I didn't see what happened behind the cameras: the choreography, the exercise…". In addition, he takes the opportunity to comment that Jane Foster is a way to explore how superheroines can also be sensitive, vulnerable and even weak, and find their strength in it.

Christian Bale, who plays Gorr, is new to Marvel, and he himself has admitted that he didn't know what the MCU was before shooting. Of course, he is convinced he knows why they caught him.

For an actor of Bale's level, getting into Gorr's skin was simple: "It's a great pleasure to play him, it's much easier to play bad than good, Chris has a more difficult role, because people are fascinated with the villains. Even though this character is a monster, you can understand him. He makes terrible decisions, but you can understand why he's like that." Of course, when it comes to answering how he created the character, he has no doubts in giving credit: "With three very talented makeup specialists who put it on me every morning for three and a half hours, and they are absolutely responsible for Gorr's look."

This loyalty is normal: As much as he saw concept art, he didn't feel what he was capable of doing with the character until he was crammed into his body: "You don't know what you're doing with a character like this until you see him completely . It's in your imagination, you think of him abstractly. Then you see his tattoos, and the scars, and then you start experimenting and playing with him as you go along." For Hemsworth, Gorr is his favorite MCU villain: “I love everyone I've worked with, but this one is particularly special. There's an empathic quality, a vulnerability. What he does is wrong, but there's a motivation behind it. amazing job."

And what about the dance scene with Kate Bush that was rumored a few weeks ago? Well, it seems that it was more something said in whispers than something real. "Taika and I are huge Kate Bush fans and we wanted to do that scene. We realized it wasn't going to end well." Tessa does not miss the opportunity to try to give us a moment for history: "It's something we should do now." Sadly, it doesn't look like Christian Bale is up to the task.

When asked what it's like to shoot with Taika, it seems like such a fun world that it can only lead to movies like 'Thor: Ragnarok' or 'Thor: Love and thunder'. Says Hemsworth, "Shooting with him is different, beautiful chaos. It's a journey of self-discovery and exploration, fun and crazy with music playing in the background and where you're behind the camera laughing and messing up most of the shots." "That sounds horrible," Taika acknowledges.

Bale himself acknowledges how much he liked having music on the set. About the music, in the film they don't stop playing great songs, one after another. he has an explanation

for Waititi: "We spent as much money as we could on songs." Once you listen to the soundtrack, you have no doubt. But, in addition, the aesthetic is reminiscent of 80s rock covers: "The tone of the film seems like something I would draw in my notebook in class while I wasn't listening. Back in school while perfecting the Metallica logo , so this is another one of my dreams that has come true."

However, as good as the shooting environment is, in the end the film is finished in post-production: "On the set we try to do everything we can, we sow moments and then we go to the kitchen to find out what dish we are making "It can be very different when we're done cooking! We're testing the film and finding out what people respond to, removing jokes and moments. These kinds of films take a year to finish," explains Taika.

In this movie, Valkyrie is the queen of New Asgard and that means having to do a lot of things she doesn't want to do, as Thompson confirms: "Valkyrie's journey has been a lot of fun. We talked a lot about connecting her to her power and her trauma." "She wanted to change the stereotype of a superhero, trying to take her spirit and her physique but also allowing her to be fun and crazy. She has been a professional soldier for thousands of years and now she is stuck in the bureaucracy. She misses the battle and her sisters That's why she befriends Natalie."

For her part, Natalie believes that her Thor is very different from the one we are used to seeing: "She is still very new and tries to know how it is done. In addition, she is continually returning to her human form, always feeling the danger because at any moment she can be his last moment."

And it is that not everything is going to be crazy comedy: in 'Thor: love and thunder' there is room for tragedy and sentimental scenes. "The beautiful thing about these films is to manage to give that space between the ridiculous and the fun, Taika knows how to do it very, very well, in this particular film there is a lot of emotion in a very rich way for us. Topics such as love and relationships are dealt with , it's very exciting," says Tessa. Taika concludes:

Since Kevin Feige is here, you have to ask him about the future of Marvel. First of all, the confirmation that it will be at the SDCC where we can expect great bombings at the level of 2019. "There will be news at Comic-Con and we will talk about the future, the first time for three years. Everything we announced has come out like this that we will talk about the future. We always plan five or ten years ahead, we are always thinking about what is to come". Taika replies, "I always live in the present, two very different ways of being."

Finally, he the star question: Where is Thor going ngayon kaya full movie tagalog? Are there things left to tell about the character? Feige makes it very clear:

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